Brisbane TV Antenna and Tuning Guide

Brisbane Digital TV Antenna and Tuning Guide

Brisbane TV Antenna and Tuning Guide

Brisbane Digital TV Transmitters

This table lists all Digital TV Transmitters in Brisbane at the primary transmitter site on Mt Cootha. Your Digital TV’s auto-tuning system should automatically detect these channels if your antenna and antenna cabling is functioning correctly.

In some areas of Brisbane and surrounds, auto-tuning systems on Digital TVs may pick up other transmitters on UHF channels which are meant to serve the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. If this happens you may need to manually tune your Digital TV. To do so, select each of the channels in this table for scanning.

6BTQ6177.5 MHzOmni-directionalHorizontal50 KwMt CoothaSeven Network
7SBS7184.5 MHzOmni-directionalHorizontal50 KwMt CoothaSpecial Broadcasting Service(SBS)
8QTQ8191.625 MHzOmni-directionalHorizontal50 KwMt CoothaNine Network
11TVQ11219.5 MHzOmni-directionalHorizontal50 KwMt CoothaTen Network
12ABC41226.5 MHzOmni-directionalHorizontal50 KwMt CoothaAustralian Broadcasting Corporation(ABC)
28CTQ28529.5 MHzOmni-DirectionalHorizontal15 KwMt CoothaBriz 31 Community

Antennas Suitable for Digital TV in Brisbane

In Brisbane it is best to use a VHF/UHF Combination antenna as this will allow you to pick up all the government and commercial channels as well as the Briz 31 community channel. If you don’t care about receiving Briz 31, a VHF only antenna may be used.

List of VHF/UHF Combination Digital TV Antennas – Recommended

List of VHF Digital TV Antennas

Brisbane TV Channels

On Digital TV each VHF or UHF channel may actually contain multiple television or radio programs. This table lists the multi-channels that should be available in Brisbane from the Mt Cootha transmitters. There are 34 TV channels and 5 radio channels available.

After an auto-tune, check the number of channels the process has found. If you have more than the specified channels it is possible your auto-tuning process has picked up channels from the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. If this is the case those channels should be deleted as they may not work reliably. If you are missing all the channels from a particular network on this list, then it is possible your antenna or antenna cabling may faulty.

Seven Network7SevenSD 576iMPEG2
Seven Network707HDHD 1080iMPEG4
Seven Network71SevenSD 576iMPEG2
Seven Network727TWOSD 576iMPEG2
Seven Network737mateSD 576iMPEG2
Seven Network744MESD 576iMPEG4Infomercial
Seven Network767flixSD 576iMPEG4
Seven Network78Racing.comSD 576iMPEG4Horse Racing
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)3SBSSD 576iMPEG2
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)30SBS HDHD 1080i x 1440MPEG2
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)32SBS TWOSD 576iMPEG2
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)33Food NetworkSD 576iMPEG2
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)34NITVSD 576iMPEG2Indigenous Community Network
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)37SBS Radio 1n/aMPEG2Stereo Audio only
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)38SBS Radio 2n/aMPEG2Stereo Audio only
Special Broadcasting Service(SBS)38SBS Radio 3n/aMPEG2Stereo Audio only
Nine Network9NineSD 576iMPEG2
Nine Network90Nine HDHD 1080iMPEG4
Nine Network91NineSD 576iMPEG2
Nine Network92GEMSD 576iMPEG2
Nine Network939Go!SD 576iMPEG2
Nine Network949LifeSD 576iMPEG2
Nine Network95eXtraSD 576iMPEG2Infomercial
Nine Network999Go!SD 576iMPEG2
Ten Network1OneSD 576iMPEG2
Ten Network10TenSD 576iMPEG2
Ten Network11ElevenSD 576iMPEG2
Ten Network12OneSD 576iMPEG2
Ten Network13Ten HDHD 1080iMPEG2
Ten Network14TVSNSD 576iMPEG2Infomercial
Ten Network15SpreeTVSD 576iMPEG2Infomercial
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)2ABCSD 576iMPEG2
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)21ABCSD 576iMPEG2
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)22ABC2SD 576iMPEG2
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)23ABC3SD 576iMPEG2
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)24ABC News 24HD 720pMPEG2
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)200Double Jn/aMPEG2Stereo Audio only
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)201ABC Jazzn/aMPEG2Stereo Audio only
4431 DigitalSD 576iMPEG2Community Television

Some channels are now being transmitted using the MPEG4 standard. These channels may not be viewable on some older Digital TVs, Digital Set Top Boxes or Digital Personal Video Recorders.