"Not Support" error on a Braun Digital TV

Why Can’t I Receive Some Channels like 7HD, 7flix or Nine HD?

Do you get a “scrambled” or “unsupported” message, or just a black screen when selecting some channels? The problem may be that your Digital TV doesn’t support the MPEG4 standard. Even some relatively new flat screen LCD or plasma Digital TVs don’t support this format.

"Not Support" error on a Braun Digital TV
“Not Support” error on a Braun Digital TV

The following channels are now broadcast in MPEG4 in metropolitan and some regional areas:

  • 7HD
  • 7flix
  • Racing.com
  • 4Me
  • Nine HD

If you can’t receive these channels, but can receive other channels from the same network, it’s likely that the problem is that your Digital TV does not support MPEG4. You can find out for sure by looking for model number of your TV and doing a Google search for the specifications. All Digital TVs will support MPEG2, but not all will handle MPEG4.

Most current model TVs on the market will support MPEG4, but it is worth checking if you’re buying an older discontinued or used model. If your Digital TV or PVR device is branded with the Freeview logo, it will be capable of supporting MPEG4 channels.

How can you receive MPEG4 channels on an unsupported Digital TV?

If you don’t want to replace your TV with a newer model, you could just get a Digital Set Top Box or Personal Video Recorder that does support MPEG4. I would recommend a Personal Video Recorder as this this will allow you to record Digital TV to a hard drive internally or to a USB Stick or hard drive. This will not only give you the ability to watch the MPEG4 channels, but also to record and playback Digital TV at a convenient time.

List of Digital TVs Known to Not Support MPEG4 Channels

  • Samsung LA26R7 – Channel appears blank but may have sound
  • Braun ATV-23FEC1 – “Not Support” error message appears

This is list is far from complete. If your TV doesn’t receive these channels and isn’t on the list, please let us know in the comments below!