A Bad Joint

Why You Can’t Join a TV Cable Like This!

This would have to be one of the worst TV fly lead cables I’ve seen(recently anyway). Its in a hotel room where I’m staying at Airlie Beach on my honeymoon with my wife Jacqui. The cable has obviously been broken at some point then they’ve stripped it back, twisted the central conductors together and twisted the shield together. Surprisingly the TV works! Why can’t you just fix a TV cable in this way?

All About Digital TV Amplifiers

If you are in a hilly area, far from TV transmitters or have a large number of TV sockets you may have issues with weak DTV signal causing breakups and loss of reception. One potential solution to this is to install a TV Masthead Amplifier or a Distribution amplifier. In this article I’ll discuss the types of RF Amplifiers used for Digital TV.

About TV Cabling Connectors

There are two main types of connections in TV cabling(by cabling I mean in the wall or ceiling, etc). These are the saddle and clamp connection and the F Connector. However there are several different types of common F connectors as well. In this article I’l explain them.

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How to Find a TV Antenna Installer

Since I closed my business many of my old customers have asked me to recommend another TV guy to install new TV points and antennas. Unfortunately when I was in the business I didn’t really work with any others to be able to make a solid recommendation. In this article I will cover a few points that may help you find a TV antenna installer or cabler.