An ADSL Inline Filter/Splitter

Choosing the Right ADSL Filter

With a lot of different ADSL Filters on the market, it can be confusing a to know which one to buy. Here’s our guide to the available brands of filters that meet regulatory and Telstra standards for use in Australia.

Important Note: If the only thing you have plugged into your phone line is an ADSL Modem, you don’t need an ADSL filter!

The models listed here are approved by the Australia Communication Authority as compliant AS/ACIF S0041:2005 Standard, meet Telstra’s RCIT.0004 Specification and are suitable for ADSL 2/2+.

Plug-in Inline Filter/Splitters

These type are the small boxes that plug into a wall socket. They have one input and either one or two outputs. The models with two outputs will have one marked “Phone” and the other marked “ADSL”.

Here’s our list of recommended models:

  • C10 Communications – C10245M Distributed Filter/Splitter(these may be Telstra branded)
  • Telequip(TE) – DSL002 2+ Distributed Filter(may be branded “tetech”)
  • Telequip(TE) – DSL008 2+ Distributed Filter/Splitter(may be branded “tetech”)
  • ACS – Model 901E2+ In-Line Filter-Splitter

Wall Plate Filter/Splitters

These type are ones that will mount onto an existing wall phone mount socket. They have a socket in the middle on the front for the wall phone and usually a socket on the side for an additional filtered phone as well as the ADSL modem. They do have a bad disadvantage in that they will make the phone sit an additional 2 centimetres off the wall.

Here’s our list of recommended models:

  • C10 Communications – C10345M Distributed Filter/Splitter Wall Mount(may be Telstra branded)
  • Telequip(TE) – DSL018 2+ ADSL Clipover Wall Plate
  • ACS – Model 905E2+ ADSL 2+ Wall Plate Filter-Splitter

Central Filter/Splitters

Central filters require professional installation by an Australian Communication Authority Registered Cabling Provider. They result in the best ADSL connection quality and remove the need for individual filters to be used with each socket.

Here’s our list of recommended models:

  • C10 Communications – C10100E Central ADSL Splitter
  • Telequip(TE) – DSL101 2+ External Central Filter
  • ACS – Model 931E2+ Enhanced Central Filter – Master Splitter

More Information

Much of information on this page is based on these sources: