How to Install a Blu-Ray Player

Installing a Blu-Ray player is one of the simplest set-ups you can do. In this guide I’ll help you to do it yourself. If your Blu-ray player is also a recorder, see my other guide on Blu-Ray Recorders.

  1. Check the back of your TV for an empty HDMI socket.
  2. If your TV does not have any spare HDMI sockets, consider removing an older device such as a DVD player. If you have no HDMI sockets at all, another type of connection will need to be used.
  3. Take a HDMI cable and plug one end into the HDMI Out socket on the Blu-ray player.
  4. Plug the other end into a HDMI In socket on the TV. Take note of the number beside the HDMI In socket. You’ll need it later.
  5. Turn on the TV.
  6. Turn on the Blu-Ray Player. Wait about 30 seconds as the TV may automatically switch to the Blu-Ray player.
  7. If after 30 seconds the TV hasn’t switch across to the Blu-Ray player, take the TV remote control and find the Source or Input button. It may be marked by a circle with an arrow point into it.
  8. After pressing the Source button, a menu may appear with a list of Inputs available. If this happens use the arrow buttons to move to the HDMI input with the number you noted earlier. Other TVs will just cycle through all inputs, with the input number displayed in the top left or right corner of the screen. Continue pressing the input button until you reach the HDMI number you noted.
  9. The screen will now display some sort of Setup screens. Put down the TV remote control and pick up the Blu-Ray remote control. Follow the instructions on screen. The screen will usually display the buttons you need to use on the remote somewhere near the bottom of the instructions.
  10. After completing setup the Blu-Ray player will usually display a logo screen. You can now put a disc in and it will play automatically. When you are finished you can press Stop then turn the Blu-Ray player off with the remote control.
  11. In most cases the TV will switch back to TV input when you turn the Blu-Ray player off.

After installation, whenever you want to use the Blu-Ray player, simply switch it on with the remote control and insert a Blu-Ray disc. Most TVs will automatically switch to Blu-Ray. To get back to TV, stop the playback and turn off the Blu-Ray player with the remote control.