How to Install a Metal Roof Tripod Mount for a TV Antenna

Here’s how to do the standard antenna mount for a TV Antenna on a metal roof. They may be known as Tin Roof Tripods or Metal Roof Tripods and are typically 1.2m high. For information on other antenna mount types, see the How to Mount a TV Antenna article.

Tin Roof Mount
Tin Roof Mount

Where to place the mount

I always recommend mounting TV Antennas as high as possible. So you may want to put the mount on the ridge capping at the top of the roof. They can also be put lower on the rows of screws that hold the metal sheeting to the roof batons.

Be sure that the antenna can “see over” the roof. That is make sure that the antenna isn’t pointing directly at the roof. It should if possible have a line of sight in the direction of the Digital TV Transmitters. If the transmitters are obscured by the top of the roof, signal will be significantly affected.

Detailed Instructions

See the DIY Digital TV Tool Guide for information on useful tools for Digital TV installations.

  1. Place the tripod base where you plan to attach it. Check that the roof screws line up with the slots in the tripod base. Check that you won’t be covering any screws with the metal plate base.
  2. Remove the two roofing screws that will hold the tripod base.

    Remove the roofing screw
    Remove the roofing screw
  3. Squirt silicon down the screw hole and around the screw holes on the surface of the roof.

    Apply Silicon to roofing screw holes
    Apply Silicon to roofing screw holes
  4. Replace the tripod base and put the roof screws back in place by hand.
  5. Using a drill with a medium torque setting selected, drive the screws back in. Be sure not to deform the corrugations of the roof by driving too far.
  6. Squirt more silicon over the tops of the screws and smooth with your finger.
  7. Insert the pole though the tripod collar, hole end down. You may need to loosen the bolt and nut on the collar first.
  8. Remove the pole base bolt and nut, insert it through the hole in the base of the pole and finger tighten the nut.
  9. Push the pole into a vertical position. You may want to check this with a spirit level. Once satisfied with the angle, tighten the collar nut with a spanner.
  10. Tighten the pole base nut with a spanner.
  11. The TV Antenna mount should now be firmly in position, ready for your digital TV antenna.