A Bad Joint

Why You Can’t Join a TV Cable Like This!

This would have to be one of the worst TV fly lead cables I’ve seen(recently anyway). Its in a hotel room where I’m staying at Airlie Beach on my honeymoon with my wife Jacqui. The cable has obviously been broken at some point then they’ve stripped it back, twisted the central conductors together and twisted the shield together. Surprisingly the TV works! Why can’t you just fix a TV cable in this way?

ADSL Router

Why Can’t I Connect my Second ADSL Router to Another Phone Socket?

If you’ve had ADSL broadband internet for some time you may have collected a number of ADSL modem routers at you replace. One question I’ve been frequently asked is this: “I have a second phone socket in another room, why can’t I just plug the second router in there to use the internet?” In this article I’ll explain why!