How Professionals Align a TV Antenna for Digital TV

Aligning an aerial for Digital TV can be both one of the easiest and hardest things parts of an antenna replacement job. In many locations you can visually eyeball where it needs to be pointed, but in others locations it will take painstaking work or specialist tools. In this article I’ll explain the professional method of aligning an aerial as well as discuss a couple of DIY methods.

VGA Connection to TV

Connect a PC or Laptop to Your TV

Almost all LCD or Plasma TVs can be used a computer monitor. Why would you want to do this? One good reason is for displaying slideshows of photos, presentations or websites. You can also use it for full screen video conferencing via Skype with family, friends or colleagues. In this article I’ll explain how to do it.

All About Digital TV Amplifiers

If you are in a hilly area, far from TV transmitters or have a large number of TV sockets you may have issues with weak DTV signal causing breakups and loss of reception. One potential solution to this is to install a TV Masthead Amplifier or a Distribution amplifier. In this article I’ll discuss the types of RF Amplifiers used for Digital TV.