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David Findlay, Owner Operator of Woody Point Communications
David Findlay

Hi I’m David Findlay, owner of this site. I’ve been a telecommunication cabler, working on TV antennas and cabling, wireless networking, LANs and telephone cabling for more than 10 years.

Have a question about Digital TV, Antennas, Cabling, Telephony or LANs? Ask me in the comment section below. I aim to get back to questions as quickly as possible!

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  • Sue Van Oosterom

    Hi..i did a random retune and immediately lost half my channels…no go, gem, prime, nine, seven etc…did a factory reset, tried manually signal…yet TV downstairs remains perfect and unaffected..i live in Fingal Bay, Port Stephens so do not get the new HD lifestyle channels…cant be my aerial which worked prior to retuning….

    • Hi Sue, I presume you’ve done a subsequent retune and it’s made no difference? My suspicion is that you might have a faulty TV Fly Lead. The signal threshold required for a channel to be stored in an Automatic Tune procedure is higher than what is required to bearly work. Digital TV does a good job of hiding a bad signal until it just won’t work. Check out this article and see if it makes any difference:

      • Sue Van Oosterom

        Hey David..thanks for your help..i had written to NBN Newcastle not expecting a reply but they said the new upgrade to the transmitters a few days ago at Gan Gan caused some trouble as the channels i lost were receiving from two different locations Gan Gan or Sugar Loaf..i tried a manual tune to 28 as advised and wham, it worked…i had previously tried 36 but it was no signal..anyway it is all foreign to me…but thanks..just in case someone else in this area asks you xxxxxxx

        • Ah yep thanks for that info. It’ll be useful for someone else I’m sure!

          There has definitely been a lot of confusion as the digital upgrades and retunes have been rolling out around the country. It’s particularly complicated in areas where there are multiple transmitter sites.

          I’m planning to put together a complete listing of all the transmitter sites and channels at some point soon.

          • Sue Van Oosterom

            Well just after I messaged you we lost ABC and SBS so i have no idea what channel to manually tune them to… have chosen a very tricky ever changing career….you wont get bored xxxx

          • You could try this Australian Government site that should tell you what’s available from your location:

          • Sue Van Oosterom

            Oh yeah…will do..cheers

  • Kim Atkins

    Hi David we are building a new house in Grange SA and I am wondering how many tv points I should install or is it best to use a set top box for some of the locations. We will have T.V’s in Lounge room, study, alfresco, rumpus and master bedroom (5 total) what do we need for this set up. All tv points or some with set top box or use pc? We do have one smart tv, so do we need a tv point for it? Do we need to install an aerial?