How Professionals Align a TV Antenna for Digital TV

Aligning an aerial for Digital TV can be both one of the easiest and hardest things parts of an antenna replacement job. In many locations you can visually eyeball where it needs to be pointed, but in others locations it will take painstaking work or specialist tools. In this article I’ll explain the professional method of aligning an aerial as well as discuss a couple of DIY methods.

All About Digital TV Amplifiers

If you are in a hilly area, far from TV transmitters or have a large number of TV sockets you may have issues with weak DTV signal causing breakups and loss of reception. One potential solution to this is to install a TV Masthead Amplifier or a Distribution amplifier. In this article I’ll discuss the types of RF Amplifiers used for Digital TV.

Bent fascia mount pole.

Bad TV Antenna Mounts

In a previous article I discussed the standard types of TV Antenna Mounts. In this article I’ll show you some examples of various bad types of mounts and what’s wrong with them. Many older and even new homes will have these types of mounts that can cause all sorts of issues in the long run.

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How to Find a TV Antenna Installer

Since I closed my business many of my old customers have asked me to recommend another TV guy to install new TV points and antennas. Unfortunately when I was in the business I didn’t really work with any others to be able to make a solid recommendation. In this article I will cover a few points that may help you find a TV antenna installer or cabler.

Typical Brisbane pre-Digital antenna

Do I Need to Get a Digital Antenna?

The short answer is no!

There is no such thing as a Digital TV Antenna! To be able to get good Digital TV reception you simply need an antenna that is receiving good quality signal at the frequencies the stations use in your location. See this guide for info about what you need for Digital TV.