An Indoor Antenna

Can I Use an Indoor Antenna for Digital TV?

The short answer is yes, but only in some areas.

If you are located in an area with good reception, such as an inner metropolitan area, close to the TV towers, an indoor antenna is likely to work! In areas that are hilly it’s less likely that an indoor TV antenna will be suitable.

An Indoor Antenna
An Indoor Antenna, also known as a rabbit ears antenna

Another factor that will affect whether an indoor antenna works for you is the construction type of your house and the location you put the antenna in the house. An indoor antenna will work best if it’s near a window on the side of the house facing towards the TV transmitter towers. Don’t know where that is? See this article on aiming a TV antenna for help. Knowing where the TV towers are will help, but often it’ll end up being a matter of trial and error to get the alignment of an indoor antenna right. The location of objects and people in the room and weather conditions will all have an influence.

Choosing an Indoor Antenna for Digital TV

In general I would recommend the cheapest indoor antenna that has an inbuilt amplifier. These will typically start at about $30 from shops like Kmart orĀ Jaycar. You can also find them by searching “indoor tv antenna built-in amplifier”. Choosing one with a longer lead and a flexible mounting bracket will make for more flexibility in how you locate your indoor antenna, possibly giving you better reception. You can also attach a female to male flylead to extend the cable.