Don’t Spend Too Much on TV Fly Leads!

Visit any electronics shop and you’ll be offered all manner of very expensive cables in fancy boxes with wild claims about what they’ll do for your reception. Are they really worth it?

No. But don’t buy the cheapest TV fly lead either. Somewhere around the middle of the range at about $20 is the right mark for a 2-3m cable. I recommend an RG6 TV Fly lead with F connectors on either end and screw in adaptors supplied. You can get them at Dick Smith Electronics and other similar stores.

Anything thats cheap and thin will be poor quality and easily be damaged. If you want thin and good quality you’ll have to pay a lot more. The fact is though if a TV flylead works, as in there are no break ups or losses of signal, a cheap fly lead will give you exactly the same picture that an expensive one will. Don’t believe the marketing hype that says otherwise!