Favourite Button

How to Play Favourites

Favourite Button
The Favourite button on this TV remote is the one with the heart.

Do you typically only watch a few selected channels on your Digital TV? You can make it easier to change to scan through them with this simple tip.

Most new Digital TVs have a Favourites feature. This Feature allows you to create a list of your most used channels and quickly and easily select them or scan through them. The feature is often marked by a red heart icon. The method of adding channels to the Favourites will vary from TV to TV but you may find assistance from the manual. Alternately if there is a favourite button on your remote, go to the channel you want to add them press it. Instructions may appear on the screen.

Another option is to just remember the channel numbers for your favourite channels and directly key them in when you want that channel. For instance, 7Mate(73) can be selected by keying 7 and then 3.