Finished wallplate and socket for Digital TV

How to Install a Wall Plate TV Socket

Here’s how to install a socket for Digital TV using a wall plate on a plasterboard wall. In this article I use a Clipsal standard single mechanism wall plate with an F to Pal Female socket insert.

Before you start

This assumes you’ve already got the cable into the wall cavity where you’re going to install the wall plate. You need to make sure there’s no other services in the wall cavity, such as water pipes or electrical cabling. Remember that other services might run horizontally along the wall, not just straight up and down.

In this case I’ve got the cable into the wall from below the floor. This is a careful matter of measuring and beyond the scope of this article. I’ll write some future articles on doing this.

Also be sure you know where the wall studs are. You don’t want to start cutting out the hole and hit a timber stud.

What you need


  • A single mechanism wall plate
  • An F to PAL Female socket insert
  • A C-Clip

Tools (links below go to eBay search for the appropriate items):

See the DIY Digital TV Tool Guide for more tool details. In the video I’ve used Clipsal products however other brands work similarly.


  1. Determine where on the wall the wallplate should go. It needs to be clear of wall studs and other services. Measure the centre height of other wallplates in the room and mark that position.
  2. Using a C-Clip or wall plate template, mark out the shape of the hole. Remember it’ll be considerably smaller than the outline of the wall plate that’ll go on the wall!
  3. Using a plasterboard jab saw, cut a hole in the wall. Be careful because you may find unexpected services in the wall. You don’t want to go too far in either, as you may go through the other side!
    Cutting the hole with a plasterboard jab saw
    Cutting the hole with a plasterboard jab saw
  4. Retrieve the cable from the wall, you may need to use a hook or something to find it.
  5. Attach the socket insert to the plate. You may need to use a flat screwdriver to clip it in.
  6. Terminate the end of the coax cable with an F connector.
  7. Screw the F connector on to the socket firmly.
  8. Put the C clip through the hole in the wall and position it to clasp the wall with the hooks. The screw holes on either side should be visible.

    The installed C Clip
    The installed C Clip
  9. Insert a screw through the inner hole on one side of the plate and into the hole in the back of the C clip. Start it off but don’t tighten it. Repeat on the other side.
  10. Tighten both screws to the wall, but not too tight.
  11. Check the level and straighten it if required.
  12. Finish tightening the screws off firmly to the wall.
  13. Put on the plate cover/surround.
Finished wallplate and socket for Digital TV
Finished wallplate and socket for Digital TV