Use the Guide

Do you scan through your Digital TV channel list trying to find something to watch. There’s really a much better way. Digital TV’s Electronic Program Guide replaces the old paper guide!

As part of the <a href=””>Freeview</a> initiative, Australian Digital TV Channels now broadcast 7 days worth of program guide information over the air while you’re watching TV. On most TVs you can access this using the Guide or EPG button. If you’re not sure which one this is, you may need to check the manual. Once in the Electronic Program Guide you can use the arrow keys to move up and down through the channels to see what’s on. When you find something you want to watch on most TVs you can usually just press the OK or Enter button to change to that channel.

If you look along the bottom of the screen instructions are given showing the button on the remote alongside what it does. On some TVs you can use coloured buttons to change to the next day, to view tomorrows program. You can usually also set a “Watch” or “Alert”. This will mean that the TV will automatically let you know when a program you want to watch is about to start. The Electronic Program Guide is also a great thing to use with Personal Video Recorders.