Remove Duplicates for Faster Switching

With the introduction of Digital TV stations have been able to use multi channels to broadcast several programs at once. Unfortunately several of the channels available are duplicates, for instance 1 and 12, 70 and 71 as well as 3 and 33. With this simple tip you can get to your favourite channels faster.

Using the Channel List or Channel Edit feature in the Digital TV Tuning section of your TVs on screen menus you should be able to delete or skip these duplicate channels. The methods for each TV will vary, but Channel List is the first place I’d start looking on most TVs. When you’re in an on screen menu usually the buttons you need to press are noted along the bottom of the screen. These icons match up with those on the remote.

You can always re-add these channels if you need to by doing a Automatic Tune, so don’t worry too much if you accidentally ┬ádelete one that you need.