Skype on a Big Screen

Lots of families now use Skype video conferencing to communicate. But you don’t have to crowd around a laptop or PC screen for this. I’ll tell you how to use your big screen TV to comfortably video-conference your lounge room to the world!

It is easy to connect your laptop or PC to your computer. You simply need a cable that connects the two. Look at the back of your TV and see if you have a free VGA, DVI or HDMI connection. Then check your laptop or PC for the same. If you have the same on both devices you can simply get a 2 or 3 metre cable and connect them. HDMI is probably the easiest but VGA and DVI will work as well.

Simply aim the webcam of the laptop or PC at your couch and connect the PC or laptop to the TV. Select the correct input on your TV and then start Skype on the computer. It’s far more comfortable than crowding around a small screen.