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The Machine Will Tell You What to Do!

Help Information
Electronic Program Guide screen with a button guide.

A common question from my customers used to be “What button do I press now?” What you may not realise is that your TV or Blu-Ray player or DVD player or other device will usually tell you!

Whenever you are using an on-screen menu on an Audio Visual device, I suggest looking at the bottom of the box that appears on the screen, or the very bottom of the screen itself. Typically there will be a bar with a number of icons displayed with words beside them, such as “Select” and “Exit”. The icons match up with symbols on the remote control. So to do what the text says, press that button.

The other important buttons to know in menu systems are the arrows and the select button. These buttons are used to navigate your way around. Typically there will be a highlight on the screen that moves when the arrows are pressed. This indicates what is currently selected or currently being controlled by the buttons on the remote.